In this RPG Maker development video, we show off the fledgling CTB battle engine for our game “Rosenhearts”. The main premise and strategy of the engine is to use techniques to debilitate the enemy, then use stronger powers to finish them off.

There are two types of battle abilities in Rosenhearts: Techniques and MP Consuming (Magic and Spirit).

MP Consuming are considerably stronger than Techniques, but require MP to use. MP is not naturally given to players, the characters have to draw MP from the environment during play using the “Dar Magic” or “Draw Spirit” ability. This requires them to think about when they want to use these more powerful abilities.

Techniques require 0 MP but have a cool down time, as in when you use them, you go lower on the CTB scale and take longer before it’s your turn again. So a really powerful technique may lengthen times between when a character goes and when they can act again. MP Consuming has no such cool down, and characters go on their normal turn.

There is still much to do with this system: State prerequisites, State advancement, chaining attacks, etc.As we develop those, we’ll post more about it here and on YouTube.

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