Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we explore the fun and attractive world of “The Crelixis Chronicles” by Cloudzchow, a high adventure like the Final Fantasies of old.

This game is a lot of fun with great mechanics, well-crafted maps (for the most part; there are a few trouble spots), and fun characters. It has a lot of potential.

However, there is a HUGE issue with the writing and grammar, making an otherwise fun game very difficult to understand. It needs an editor, hands down; otherwise, the player won’t be able to understand half of what is being said.

There is also an issue with the way the main character’s lack of discipline is being handled. There is no way a person in a military school would be allowed to get away with what Michelle does with such light punishment. There are a few other things about her that don’t work, but that is the biggest.

But with some editing and some polish, this game could be something really special.

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