CORRECTION: We incorrectly stated that this is a Kickstarter Project! Sorry!

Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we look into the developing world of Skyward Realms, a quixotic adventure with a ton of visual polish.

From a presentation standpoint, this game is the best we’ve ever seen, with stunning visuals, amazing audio, and a brilliant application of particle and parallax effects. The voice acting is crystal clear and the battle engine is simply fantastic. In so far as visuals and audio go, this game is a solid 10.

We have mixed feelings on the tile-panel mapping choice. Teal enjoyed the style, finding it to be refreshingly different, while Steel found it to be annoying and difficult to visually decipher.

Unfortunately, both of us agree that when you peel back the visual excellence, you find a game that has fundamental design issues keeping it from being an enjoyable experience. There is no basis for understanding the world the game takes place in, no exhibition that grounds us in the game’s reality, and nothing to compel us to play through the story and find out. Also, the main character is not relatable, his plight is not sympathetic, and the quest he’s on is as convoluted as the opening segment of the game.

In short, this game has no substance to draw the player in and keep them interested. We believe that the developer will need to fix those issues in order to make the game the in-depth experience he wants it to be. Where they take it is up to them.

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