In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we look at the solemn story of “Save Your Mother” by TuomoL, in which a young woman goes on the quest to save her mother’s life.

This story has a lot of heart, combining good characters and a solid story with many twist and turns. The custom artwork is lovely, and the tone of the game combines serious situations with lighthearted humor. Its narrative is well-paced and there are a lot of memorable moments. We really enjoyed the story and characters.

The problems with this game are purely mechanical: There needs to be a battle tutorial at the start of the game to teach how to fight, save points need to heal, and the action needs to stop when opening treasure chests. There is an action sequence in the second world that doesn’t work, but it’s due to RPG Maker’s controls and not the game developer’s design.

Overall, this game has a lot of potential and with refinement can be a solid experience for any kind of player.

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