Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we enter the world o Remnants of Ardrus, Demo version, a fantasy game with a solid story and good potential.

Although it follows a normal “hero’s journey” concept, it’s well-executed and quite fun. Combat is very well thought out, and the cooking system adds an extra dimension to the game. The art style is refreshingly different from what we usually critique.

Unfortunately, the characters fall short of expectations in this one, going in a direction that is either cliche for a fantasy trope or makes them unlikable/unrelatable. None of the three main characters are particularly enjoyable, and the protagonist’s love interest needs the most work. The font is also way too small.

However, those issues aside, this is a solid game with a lot going for it. As Teal says, we’re willing to give this game another chance if the characters can be improved.

Also, developer, normalize the volume on your music. 😉

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