Hello everyone! We’re joined by Toasty of RPGTime (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCMVFXjnAFK_ofFa3rxpKVaA) as we color our way into the world of Rainbow City by Draw Mic Studio. This is a game that starts off strong… and quickly falls apart.

The custom graphics in this game are amazing, and the music sets the tone perfectly. The story is unique and the characters are endearing. This game’s presentation is A+ all the way.

The writing starts off really well done, with only minor mistakes and translation errors. However, within 45 minutes, we noticed increasingly serious issues with the grammar and spelling. By the time we got to the end of the game, some of the text was almost unreadable.

The battle gameplay is good, very imaginative, and fun.

Where this game needs considerable remodeling is the puzzles. Most of them are just not good, and have serious repetition problems. The fetch quests in the early part of the game are not fun, and the 30 flowers quest is just infuriatingly annoying. We can’t imagine anyone wanting to do these quests. We’d have put the game down at the forest entrance. No to the boulder push puzzle… just… no.

Some of the later puzzles, like the one to get the white treasure box containing 100 pebbles, is well done. The developer needs to use puzzles like that instead of the ones mentioned above.

Overall, while this game needs some serious rework, it has a solid premise and, if fixed, could be one of the most unique and fun games we’ve ever played.

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