Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we delve into the dungeon-like world of Pathway Desire, a game with a serious old-school nostalgia and a great start.

Created in the style of an old 8-Bit NES game and designed purposefully with a black and white aesthetic, this game is easy to get into and fun to play. Combat is speedy and easy to master, and the challenge is just enough that it forces you to do something other than spam the attack command. The writing is solid and the characters are, from what we saw, quite capable of growth arcs.

The only issue we see is that there is so much that the player should know to play, the game could really benefit from either (a) a series of tutorials or (b) a game manual. We prefer the second option this time–there is a need for front loading information.

Overall, though, there isn’t much critical to say about this game. It has a ton of potential and could really be something special, if not a solid blast-to-the-past.

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