Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we enter the dark and mysterious world of Nocturne: Rebirth, an old RPG Maker XP game that has extremely high rankings on most download sites.

From a presentation and visual standpoint, this game is five stars. From the title screen to the battle engine (so much fun!), to the simple movement and rotation of the character sprites, everything about this game is style, style, and more style. We can’t say enough good things about how this game looks and feels. The written content is amazing as well, and despite it being obviously translated, the words flow like a river. Very well done!

However, when you get to the meat of the game, it’s design, and take into account the story flow, things break down very quickly. Severe writer’s convenience plagues the game after the opening fight, and never quite leaves. The female lead, while an acceptable anime-ish trope, doesn’t show any promise of development, and the main character is an unacceptable take on the quiet, stoic hero.

But worst of all, the game actually rail-roads you through the opening town, forcing you on a linear path instead of allowing you to explore. This is unforgivable and ruins the experience. The player must have a degree of exploration and freedom, especially with the first town. This game fails to do that.

Other developers can take note of how not to present a story and characters; inversely, they can take note of what to strive for in the visual and presentation department. By solidly writing out your characters and designing a participatory critical path, and avoiding writer convenience, you can create a strong game that will stand on its own. Now taking that and combining it with the stunning presentation of Nocturne Rebirth, you can create a game that will stand out above all others.

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