Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we enter the world of Lost Inside by PK Andrews, a VX/Ace game with a lot of potential.

This game reminded us of Dragon Warrior in the world map and equipment presentation, and the enemy balancing was on point. The epic boss battle at the end of the demo is very well paced, very well balanced, and comes across as a true good versus (slimy) evil struggle. There’s a lot of inherent humor in this game that needs to be capitalized on during development. There are so many comedic moments that had us laughing constantly.

However, there are things that need improvement. First and foremost, a proper English translation is needed–the developer needs to get an editor to fix the translated text. The music did not work for this public demo and needs to be fixed. The interior map design has too much unused open space, and the world map is too sparsely populated. The same NPC sprites and face sets are used over and over again, and too many NPCs use “…” for dialogue. Lastly, there is no healing item for the Blind status ailment, which is a problem for a physical fighter, especially when starting overworld enemies use that status.

But with these problems fixed, Lost Inside will be a real joy to play.

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