Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we slumber into the nightmarish world of Legend of Dream World by WarioLGP, and we use the term nightmarish as loosely as possible. This game has a refreshing take on bad dreams–the nightmares are employees doing their job, much like the monsters in Monster, Inc.

Despite being an abandoned project, this game is a lot of fun with a lot of potential. If re-envisioned as an MV game with better mapping and dialogue, it could be a lot of fun. The best thing it has going for it, other than it’s original idea, is the Zelda-style mapping of the overworld. Good obstacle and area placement makes for a very fun world to explore.

The mapping in the interiors, though, need to be redone and reworked, and there are so many grammatical dialogue errors that it got tiresome after a while. These need to be fixed if the developer’s subsequent projects are to be taken seriously.

But overall, this shows that the developer has potential, and can put out something worthwhile if they put their mind to it.

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