Hello and Happy Halloween! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we spook and scream into the surreal world of Horrorvale.

Proof that you can keep a game simple with most of the default systems without being boring, Horrorvale is simply one of the best games we’ve critiqued in quite some time. Funny, quirky, and easy to play, the game simplistic storytelling and tongue-in-cheek humor are coated in the fresh paint of custom artwork, music, and sounds. From the moment you start, the game is just plain fun–which is what games are supposed to be!

There are a few issues that need to be addressed:

1. The maps are just too big, and too sparsely decorated. We (especially Teal) recommend condensing the maps and adding more decor to the world.

2. The game could benefit from a quest journal to keep track of where we are in tasks.

3. The first boss fight goes on a little too long. We recommend cutting its HP by 25% to 30%.

4. A few more “clues” need to be peppered throughout the game to add flavor to the world, like Alice going “?????” when going through a trick door or the first person who mentions the mayor getting several attempts of his name wrong.

5. Add descriptions to every item!

But these are all minor speedbumps to what is shaping up to be an amazing game. If this were sold on Steam, Studio Blue would purchase and play it.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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