In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we take a look at the game jam game of Harmony by Skyforger. A short game with a ton of heart, Harmony tells the story of a young girl with a special destiny, and her journey to fulfill it.

This game has a lot of good points: well-balanced battles, memorable moments, and solid, diverse characters. It has a good story to tell, one of good versus evil in a world that is withering into nothing. The story visuals, like the title sequence, and the quest subtitles, as simply amazing. We enjoyed playing this game.

There are only two real points we feel the game could have been improved on. First, The maps are a bit sparse for a short game, and could have used more detail and clutter. Second, there is too much information being dumped, and too many plot twists for such a short game. Other things, like skills that buff and debuff, and having a visual battle order, would have been nice, but the game does not suffer from it.

If you want quick, but fun, adventure, this is a definite.

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