Here is our first impression of “5 Nights at Aerscam Mansion”. There isn’t much to say except WOW this is an amazing game that everyone needs to play. Even if survival horror isn’t your thing, this game has so much going for it. We highly recommend it.

There is a problem with the interface, especially when checking a room for ghosts. The game-play is otherwise very smooth and the atmosphere is genuinely creepy. The stakes to keep playing and survive are very high and the tension is just right.

There could be a better translation of this game into English, but that is only a minor issue. Lastly, the game-play when you’re free roaming between nights is kind of unguided (with no environment descriptions or added ambiance) and there’s not enough direction on where to go.

Otherwise, this is a very solid game, and we look forward to playing more by this player.

Link to Game: