Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we explore the fantastic world of Everstone by Jai-R, another game by a rather prolific game developer. We’re of two minds with this game, as you will see, and have both praise and criticism to heap upon it.

First off, this game has so much going for it technically. The visual presentation is on point, the battle system is fair and balanced (we had only the smallest issue with the boss), the ally AI is well-constructed, and the maps are simply amazing. Jai-R’s been making games for a while and this is, by far, his best so far.

However, Everstone’s weakness comes from the writing, both in context and execution. While the content of the story is fine (the opening hour shows it off as a cliche hero-saves-the-world adventure), the developer falls into the deadly trap of writer’s convenience very early on, and never fully recovers. The main character and his companion don’t show any development in the first hour of what is purportedly a five-hour game. Lastly, the grammatical errors are so plentiful that they make reading the dialogue a chore. A lot needs to be fixed from a story and text stand-point before this game can be ready to go Gold.

Having said that, we’ve critiqued several of Jai-R’s games and know he can do it, so we’re not worried. Once those details are ironed out, we’re sure this will be an amazing game, one that we’d recommend to anyone who likes action RPGs.

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