Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we return to the world of Crelixis Chronicles. The developer promised improvements with this version of the game, but unfortunately, it seems like the same problems plague the game as before.

The maps are still very rote, with buildings packed tightly together, trees too orderly and straight, and interiors too large and spacious. The dialogue is still very stilted and hard to read, the presentation is still lackluster, and the progression of the story is still too slow.

Having said that, a number of very positive things stand out: Combat is amazingly fast and well put together–it’s one of the better combat systems we’ve ever seen. The characterization is improved–Michelle is no longer rife with insubordination. Lastly, the quests are presented in a way that makes sense and works for the narrative.

This game needs a lot more work if it’s going to properly represent the developer’s vision, but it’s off to a good, solid start. Good job!

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