Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we run across the open world that is Casia, an old RPG Maker XP game with some solid good points, and some areas that need lots of work.

Quite note: The sound and music wasn’t working correctly for our playthrough of this game. This is likely due to our rig not liking old XP games. Either way, this should be addressed by the developer if possible. If there is no title music, there needs to be.

While filled with fantasy tropes, the introduction and cast of characters (mainly the league of villains) is well-written with good storytelling and characterization. When you get to the main game, the mapping is (for the most part) really good, and the interface is easy to understand. The thirst/hunger system is a good addition, and the passage of time is slow enough to make the “days” enjoyable.

However, there are some fundamental issues that the game has which keep it from being good. First off, there is not compelling storytelling once the main game starts. Second, there is no hook into the main quest, you literally are dropped off in the main character’s home. Third, you have to quest in the first town to gain your starting equipment, which is not something all players will want to do. Lastly, the writing is not as solid as it was in the introduction. There are other issues as well, but we touch upon them in the video.

Overall, this game needs work, and could really stand to be ported to VX/Ace or MV (especially MV). The developer obviously put time and energy into this project, and with some refinement could turn out something really good.

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