Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we return to the world of Broken Destiny, getting a solid look at the battle system and the overworld field map.

The battle system is easy to learn, and the propensity for battle strategy is very strong–you can easily formulate powerful attack plans and decimate your enemies. The layout of the field map is optimal, with plenty of room to avoid enemies, or engage them as you wish. The field loot is adequately spaced, leveled well, and rewards exploration.

However, the main city is still too big, it’s easy to get lost, and you cannot find what you’re looking for. There are a bit too many varied enemies on the field map, making the game more like an MMO grind than an RPG. There are too many world bosses on the first area, and they respawn like regular enemies, defeating the purpose of having them.

The biggest issue, however, is that there is absolutely no clear indication where to go to continue the main story. We looked all around the field map and couldn’t find a way to the next objective. Also, the main story didn’t show up in the quest log, so we couldn’t reference it anyway.

This game still needs work and polish to be the best it can be, but once it’s been worked on, we’ll gladly look at it again.

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