Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we spin into the world of Asylum: Secrets of Caledria by Neo Soul Gamer, a fun game with a lot of promise.

Visually, this game is amazing, with some of the best sprites and mapping we’ve ever seen. The opening is epic and engaging, and the game holds your attention from the start. It’s a solid story with workable characters, and everything is presented coherently, save for a few issues.

The biggest one is the ten-year jump, where you have no exposition to explain what’s happened before being dropped right in the action. Our recommendation is a short front load of information, then the scene with Emperor Junon. Otherwise, shortening the amount of time between the end of the prologue and the start of the main story would accomplish the same effect.

The lack of women in the game is very, very noticeable.

But those are the major issues. The combat system is robust, the dungeons have a well defined critical path, and the game itself is very absorbing. With those problems fixed, it will be even more fun.

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