Hey everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play, we romp into the three dimensional world of Arr Tee Pee 3D, a fun game that doesn’t take itself seriously, and is all the better for it.

The developer is the William Castle of RPG Maker Games (not Ed Castle, like Steel said in the video–LOL).

This game is funny is so many ways. It exploits and makes fun of tropes from the onset, and you can tell immediately that it won’t take itself seriously. Despite being a comedy-game, it’s got a diverse and interesting group of characters. Combat is well balanced and well handled, and the stereoscopic 3D effect is just plain cool.

There are a few problems. First off–if you have 3D glasses–some of the areas don’t pop at all. Second, the boss loot needs improvement. Third, with the importance of MP, either the MP-healing item needs to cost less, or needs to be more plentiful. Lastly, the save crystal needs to be introduced earlier and needs to pop a lot more.

But this game has a lot going for it–if you have 3D glasses, watch the video with them. It’s fun enough to give the player a good time, and is definitely worth taking a look.

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