Hello everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play video, we enter the high fantasy world of Ahraynia, a game with a good start.

There is a lot of positive things to say about this game: The premise is good, the characters are solid, and the mapping (for the most part) is pretty good. We love the opening map with Leyrah’s home, as well as the town of Blueridge. The customized sprites, when used, add flavor to the story, and the music is on point. We also love the idea of a hero who uses the powers of darkness to defeat evil.

There is a lot to this game that needs fixing, though. On the minor level, there are a few mapping issues and dialogues that need to be tweaked, and the balancing of the opening fights needs to be fixed considerably. On the more major side, there are a couple of “Tell” points that need to be “Show” (the infamous Show vs Tell) and the story-rationale for sending Hyreal on his own needs to be rewritten to be more plausible.

Also, never name a main character after yourself, it smacks of self-insertion.

Overall, though, this game has a lot of promise and, with some tender love and fixing, could be very good.

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