Hey everyone! In this RPG Maker Let’s Play we slip-and-slide into the tongue-and-cheek world of “Adventures of Dragon”, a satirical game by TuomoL, the creator of “Save Your Mother”.

This is a fun game with naughtiness and humor mixed together into an adorable mess. The fourth wall is shattered and the overall story is light and silly. The mapping is great, the combat is easy to work with, and overall the game is a lot of fun.

As the developer wanted us to look at the Lore, we spent some time skimming through the Pantheon book. We feel that the Lore of this game is too complex and complete for a satire game and belongs in a more serious one. The Lore here is REALLY good, and we don’t say that lightly. It just seems out of place with the tone of the game.

The vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake needs to go. It diminishes from the game itself.

Lastly, as the developer allows you to choose your sex at the start of the game, the dialogue and character voice needs to tailor to that choice. Everything is geared towards a male character, not a female.

If these issues are fixed, this is a fun game that we’d recommend for those who want a laugh.

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