Rosenhearts Dev Log – Coding Complete!

Hello everyone! In this short (and badly narrated – LOL) video, I talk about the coding portion of the Rosenhearts Battle Engine and how it works.

If I need to provide more clarity, please let me know.

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Rosenhearts – Tutorial Pop Up Tests

This is a test of the Tutorial Pop Ups, which appear in and out of battle when the game is teaching you something.

The music and battle graphics used are not what will appear in the demo or final version of the game–they are merely placeholders.

The combo logic notated in the third fight is still […]

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Rosenhearts – First 10 Minutes (Early Alpha)

Hey hey. While we still have a long way to go, this is some early alpha footage of the actual game, with dialogue and scenes. We’re going to be adding visual tutorials, manuals, spell checking (I caught one error already while play-testing), balancing, and adding onto the battle engine through plugins.

Comments, feedback, and suggestions are […]

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Game Design Tutorial – Character Development Tips – RPG Maker

In this RPG Maker Game Design Tutorial, we tackle character development. If you want players to be interested in your game, you have to have characters they can relate to, not just ones that are cool or have a neat background story. Building sympathetic characters can be tricky if you don’t know how to do […]

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Lighting, the difference is night and day.

Good lighting can make a night and day difference in your scene, not only in how good the sense turns out, but in the literal sense of whether it’s night or day. As you can see from the images here (a master bedroom of a mansion the Rosenheart Sisters visit), the lighting adds depth to […]

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RPG Maker – Rosenhearts Dev Log – Early CTB Test

In this RPG Maker development video, we show off the fledgling CTB battle engine for our game “Rosenhearts”. The main premise and strategy of the engine is to use techniques to debilitate the enemy, then use stronger powers to finish them off.

There are two types of battle abilities in Rosenhearts: Techniques and MP Consuming (Magic […]

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The Library – Good Example of Interior Lighting

Some maps are made with the idea of good lighting, and this is one of those. The Library, a source of clues for the sisters, will play an important part in the overall investigation.

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Our Tips For a Good Game

So we’ve been having a bunch of new developers contact us over Twitter and Facebook, asking what’s the most important part of designing your game. The answer we give is effectively “everything”, but after we all have a good laugh, we proceed to tell them that there are three things essential to creating an enjoyable […]

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Black Forest – Completed

The first location the Rosenhearts travel to is the Black ForestĀ on the Bavarian/France border. There they encounter dangers, meet new allies, and learn about their adventure. Here are some production stills of the latter parts of this area.

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One Location, Two Screenshots

During their travels, the Rosenheart Sisters will visit locations that will change with time. Such is the Black Forest, where a wooded glade is stormy for one part of the game, and sunlit for the next. For this, we have to create two sets of maps, one for each type of weather. That way the […]

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